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Hy-line Prices
16-weeksLess than 10R150
16-weeks10 to 19R140
16-weeks20 to 49R130
16-weeks50 to 99R120

Available 4 December 2020:
2000 x dayold Hy-Line brown/silver chicks R18 each

Available 9 December 2020:
2000 x 4-week Hy-Line silver chicks R36 each

Available 30 December 2020:
400 x 4-week Hy-Line brown/silver chicks R36 each

We recommend the 4-week old chicks, for the following reasons:

At 4 weeks, they are quite hardy, and you don't need to use electricity to keep them warm.
Most mortalities occur before 4 weeks.
To raise a chick from 4 weeks to point-of-lay costs about R39 in feed costs, so it is a very economical option.
4-week old chicks are readily available.
At 4 weeks, they've had their 2nd inoculation: Newcastle, Infectious Bronchitus and Gumboro.
At 4 weeks, they are very easy to transport.

When your deposit is paid, we will keep them for you.  If your deposit is not paid, we assume you are still thinking about getting chickens, so we keep selling to other customers.

Subject to changes without notice.
Subject to Availability.

“A hen is only an egg's way of making another egg.” - Samuel Butler