Not just sitting pretty...


Potch Koekoek Black Australorp
Rhode Island Red
Eggs R15 R15
Day-old R25 R30
1 Week R30 R40
2 Weke R40 R50
3 Weeks R50 R60
4 Weeks R60 R75
5 Weeks R70 R90
6 Weeks R80 R100
7 Weeks R90 R115
8 Weeks R100 R130
9 Weeks R110 R145
10 Weeks R120 R160
11 Weeks R130 R180
12 Weeks R145 R200
13 Weeks R160 R215
14 Weeks R170 R230
15 Weeks R180 R240
16 Weeks R195 R250
17 Weeks R210 R265
18 Weeks R220 R280
19 Weeks R235 R290
20 Weeks R250 R300


Courier The SPCA decided  to stop the courier of chicks, so no courier for now
Air Freight R750 per box

Subject to changes without notice.
Subject to Availability.
Minimum order: R2000 + Transport.  If you want to buy smaller quantities, you are more than welcome pay us a visit.
We do our best, but there is no guarantee on the gender of any chick or chicken.

Download our Pricelist here.

Chicks per box

Day-old 100
1 week 80
2 weeks 60
3 weeks 48
4 weeks 40
5 weeks 20

“A hen is only an egg's way of making another egg.” - Samuel Butler